Free Prophecy Reading is operated by Zoe Ministries, which is headed by Master Prophet Bishop Jordan. The mission of our team at Free Prophecy Reading is to provide spiritual guidance to people around the world by giving free personal prophetic word reports online. Anyone can request free spiritual readings online to get the spiritual guidance that they need to make the right choices in life. Bishop Jordan can help you to reach God, so that your soul can be put at ease. Request your free prophetic reading online today through our website to hear the word of god from master prophet Jordan. He is one of the most trusted prophets in the world. Whether you are having relationship issues, career problems, financial issues, or any other type of burden that is weighing you down, a personal prophecy reading could be the solution that you need to effectively work through problems with god by your side.

Satisfying Your Spiritual Needs with a Free Personal Prophecy Report

The power of prophecy with Bishop Jordan can help to put people on a path to success, by showing them what their true purpose in life is according to God almighty. Most people have grueling schedules in today’s fast paced world, and they are tied to daily routines that they think will meet their needs to achieve long term success. However, they often forget that they need to satisfy their spiritual needs and other needs as well. A Bishop Jordan prophecy reading can satisfy those needs by helping people to fulfill their needs for spiritual wellness and growth. In addition to free prophetic reading reports by Bishop Jordan, we also have numerous trained and qualified prophets that can deliver free prophecy readings to give you the spiritual direction that you are seeking quickly and accurately.

What We Can Offer

  • Free Written Prophecy Online with details about your life  instead of Free Online Numerology Reading Reports
  • Spiritual Insight about Your Future than a  Free Psychic Predictions
  • A Prophetic Word about Your life online instead of Free Psychic Readings Online
  • Free Prophecy Reading by Bishop Jordan
  • Personal Prophecy Ministry Information
  • Bishop Jordan Prophecies


Request Your Prophecy Today!


Contact us today to learn more about getting a free personal prophecy online. A prophecy will give the enlightenment that you need to get your life on a path that you are happy with. It will help you to discover your true purpose in life, and it will help you to get in touch with your spiritual side.




Prophets was so accurate concerning my spouse health, The Prophet save my spouse life


I now have a new career path because of the $20.20 Seed Donation


I found my new long partner for the rest of my life, thanks to the Master Prophet


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